Gravesian Psychology & Donald Trump

Okay, I know it’s difficult to read anything of any long-term significance from the analysis of one speech, but then again, it was an important speech. A speech intended to set the tone for the next four years. I’m talking about Donald Trump’s inauguration speech on January 20.

And the reason for being intrigued by the ‘only America first’ speech is how something had changed compared to what President Trump had been saying through the course of the election campaign. 

Here’s the results of our Mental Gears analyses. On the left-hand side is a composite of the various different speeches the President had made through the campaign, and on the right is the equivalent Mental Gear profile result when we analyse the inauguration speech.


Spot the difference?

No more ‘Scientific’ (Orange) calculation and desire to look at options, and lots more (Blue) Order. Which means goodbye ambiguity, and hello ‘with-me-or-against-me’ absolutism.

As I say, I’m not sure if anything significant can be read into the shift. If I was going to read anything significant into it, I’d say that the ‘allegiance to all Americans’ comment in the inauguration speech actually means something closer to its polar opposite.